Travel by train to france, some curiosities

France is well known for its peculiarities and traditions. While some of these are exaggerated … others carry a lot of truth. Together with Great Britain, it is one of the fastest growing and most culturally diverse countries in Europe. It is also the record of visited place in the world annually (the United States ranks second).

Read some curious facts about this nation that could motivate you to make trips to France (travel to France by train):

  • Along with its overseas territories, it covers 12 different time zones. More than any other nation!
  • Luis Antonio was king of a single day (August 2, 1830).
  • Car license plates were introduced for the first time here.
  • Paris oldest bridge is called Pont Neuf, meaning “New Bridge”.
  • More people speak French in Africa than in Europe.
  • Taxi drivers in the capital pay close to 200,000 euros for their licenses.
  • A normal Frenchman sleeps nearly 9 hours a day. It is the highest average in developed countries.
  • During an epoch, it came to control almost 10% of the Earth’s surface.
  • 1 in 5 French inhabitants have experienced depression, making it the “most depressed” country worldwide.
  • The government grants medals to families that “successfully raise several children with dignity”.
  • During the Second World War, when Hitler visited it, resistance groups cut Eiffel Tower lifts cables, so if he wanted to visit the top, he would have to climb on foot.
  • Paris Mosque helped the Jews to escape during that war, giving them Muslims identities.
  • Between 1,748 and 1,772 potatoes were illegal.
  • Juan I was proclaimed king five months before his birth. He only lived for 5 days.
  • Between 1814 and 1830 its flag was completely white.
  • Beauty contests for children are prohibited.
  • Paris official motto is “fluctuat nec mergitur”, translated as “touched, but not sunk”.