Diego Dougherty and his adventures in South Africa

Diego Dougherty was a gem for his football team in Guatemala, and a chickpea for which South Africa paid a lot of money. And that’s how one day he flew from one continent to another to player in the fields of dust and dirt of the Ajax Cape Town in Cape Town.

It is well known that in professional football, players are simply merchandise, they are worth plenty of money, but have little decision-making power and sell their soul to the devil when they sign a contract. However, Dougherty took that step as a sort of adventure something that would afford him amazing opportunities.

Diego Dougherty travelled to South Africa, with his history as a star player in Guatemala, he had a contract and excellent seniority as a defensive player on his team.

These days, in this far away continent, Diego Dougherty has a world of possibilities at his fingertips since the fast South African players have a solid advantage over him, their resistance is envied by Latin Americans and for this Guatemalan player it meant that he had to work more to get on his teammates’ level.

Life on this side of the planet is very different to life in Latin America, and for Dougherty it has represented hope, goals and even a new love for conquering.

Diego Dougherty is going to make good money, it is well worth it as he will be playing to some of the world’s best athletes, whose speed on the field is beyond human comprehension. Africa is the continent where most people play sports, around 96% of the population. Because of that, Diego Dougherty has much more to learn and develop with the best athletes in the world.